Speeches and Seminars

Short speeches or long seminars are available for most of the topics mentioned below.
My approach, helping people discover their strengths, is reflected in the classes I offer. Seminars on mental health topics, for both professionals and the public, are presented at your office, school, churches, business and other mental health agencies. Topics can be expanded or contracted to fit your time needs. The following is a list of some of the topics I cover. Click here to see a sample seminar description.

Divorce: Individual Recovery, Family Transition, Parents' Guide.

Career: Conflict Resolutions, Dual Career Families / Working Parents, Career Development, Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace.

Couples: Communication skills, Conflict Resolution for couples, Stop Blaming; Start loving, Keeping Romance Alive.

Family / Children: The Solution-Oriented Parent, Becoming Successful Stepfamilies.

Mind / Body: Stress Management, Depression, Suicide Prevention, Stress: Sources, Symptoms, Solutions, Women’s Sexuality.

Personal Growth: Handling Anger, Uses of Self-Hypnosis, Assertiveness Training, Handling the Anger of Other People, Maturity and How to Move Toward it, Change: Does it make you Bitter or Better You.

Click here to see a sample seminar description.
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