Sample Seminar Outline
  The Solution-Oriented Woman

The Thinking Solution

Identify the effects of popular belief on the way you see the world.
Identify ways to void blame; instead hold people accountable.
Discover the changing power of generating many ideas to explain psychological events.
Naming is creating.
Changing your “why” questions to “what” and “how” questions points towards solutions.
Create explanations and myths about your history and your future that will lead to positive actions and feelings.

The Acting Solution

Learn the action complaint principle of translating what you do not like into the action language.
Master the action request principle of translating the general category of what you would like into the action you ask for from another.
Discover the three alternatives you have to bring about change when requests are refused.
Since all relationships develop patterns, learn to change your part of the pattern to change relationships.
Identify action mentors and what they have done to bring about the results they want in their lives.

Dreaming Solution

Master self-hypnosis -- a method for getting help from your unconscious by putting in ideas through imagery or generating ideas.
Learning your unconscious signals for yes and no answers helps you talk with your unconscious about what is needed.
Learn meditations to increase peace and decrease stress.
Dreams are messages from you unconscious. Learn ways to program and interpret dreams.

Feeling Solution

Acknowledging and accepting your feelings is the first, powerful step to changing them.
Design rituals to help heal feelings.
Turn your past experiences into your greatest assets.
Learn to build in rituals to your daily or weekly routine that comfort and support you.

  Seminar Objectives

Help women identify the ever-changing and questionable nature of psychological explanations in our culture and assist them in creating theories that give women power over their own lives.

Identify the questions that the participants ask themselves, examine their underlying assumptions of those questions, and change them in a way that supports change and self-confidence.

Teach women to use action communication and change action patterns that are not working.

Help women get in touch with their imagination and their dreams and use those to create success and peace in their lives.

Teach women to identify where in their lives they may need to create ceremonies that give them peace and stability.

Learn to design ceremonies that will lead to letting go of the past.

In sum, teach women to use the four solutions of the solution-oriented woman: acting, thinking, feeling, and dreaming to create the life they want.

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