Treatment Philosophy

Since 1975, Pat Hudson has been committed to making a difference in people’s lives. Pat Hudson’s goal is to provide the most effective therapy with long-lasting results in the shortest amount of time. She has gained national recognition for her leadership in brief, solution-oriented therapy. The term “brief therapy” is a general one; it covers a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. Pat Hudson uses this idea to signify an approach to counseling and psychotherapy that is focused on solutions. A therapist using this approach will be identifiable by these qualities:

An emphasis on the here and now, rather than history.

A focus on strengths, talents, and resources that a person, couple or family possesses; avoiding dwelling on what has not worked.

A desire to produce lasting change through a focus on goals established by both client and therapist.

Attention to what works, and putting those things into action, through discussion during your sessions and through activities and practice between meetings.

Avoiding an emphasis on explanations; using your time directed toward the goals we have set together.

Pat Hudson utilizes your own strengths and resources to promote lasting solutions, along with a renewal of confidence in yourself to handle the challenges of the future.

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