From the Mental Health Minutes  

Self-hypnosis can be a wonderful tool for stress management, controlling fear, being creative or just using with the skills of your unconscious to add to your life. There are three methods for going into trance that our clients have found useful:

My favorite method for going into trance is to imagine a relaxing place, such as the beach. Start by taking three deep breaths. The think of the sights, the sounds, and the smells of your relaxing place (around three of each). Think also of the feelings such as the air or the feeling of the sunlight on your skin.

The second method is progressive relaxation. Start with your head or your feet and tell each section of your body to relax. Breathe deeply.

The third method is to keep your eyes open and look as far up (into your head) as you possibly can. Close your eyes while keeping you eyes rolled up. As you exhale a deep breath, let your eyes relax and your body slump.

Once you are relaxed, imagine anything that you are trying to accomplish, going well. Say anything positive to yourself, such as I will notice how much I enjoy.....Or just imagine a relaxing vacation.

Most people have unrealistic expectations for what it will feel like. The truth is you have already been in trance, such as when you are engrossed in a book or in a TV program. It is really an experience of heightened concentration. You will be aware of noises around you, in fact I usually suggest that I will let any outside noises simply help me to relax more.

Like any skill, daily practice will improve your self-hypnosis ability. I have been using self-hypnosis for over twenty years and have found if helpful for relieving stress, improving performance, getting over problems.

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