The Solution Oriented Woman

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ISBN 0-393-032825-4 
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178 Pages / Hardcover

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Advance Acclaims

“This future-focused book will help all kinds of women struggling with difficult situations. Pat’s voice has warmth and authority of a good big sister. Her sophisticated knowledge is presented vital stories and anecdotes in a form that all can understand. The advice is practical, commonsensical, and crystal clear. I recommend this book to all women who want to make positive changes in their lives.
Mary Pipher
author of Reviving Ophelia 

“This book is the the book every woman has been waiting for. It heals, empowers, and celebrates women.”
Ellen Kreidman
author of Light His Fire and Light Her Fire

“Pat Hudson is a funny, gutsy, eminently sensible women, and she has written a fun, gusty eminently sensible book about being a woman. In The Solution-Oriented Women, Pat delivers a quick, potent jolt of female strength. She outlines ways of thinking, feeling, acting, and dreaming that can give women the power to get a life -- or to fix the one they already have. This book respects men instead of blaming them, respects women instead of babying them, and makes life between the sexes seem workable. I love Hudson’s optimism about what female power can do.”
Frank Pittman, M.D.
author of Private lies and Man Enough


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