Making Friends With Your
  Unconscious Mind

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ISBN 0-963-4886-1-9
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153 Pages

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This guide to your unconscious mind will help you change habits, accomplish personal goals, and understand yourself by using various techniques, including self-hypnosis, meditation, and dream analysis. The book guides you step-by-step through trance-work and includes exercised with each method. You will refer back to this guide many times as you grow and change.

In her book, Dr. Pat Hudson discusses how to bridge the gap between your unconscious and conscious mind to make your life easier, more productive and less stressful.

Dr. Hudson teaches self-hypnosis, how to get “yes” and “no” signals from your unconscious, and methods of planning and analyzing dreams. Through these different pathways you can reach the powerful and creative resource of your unconscious mind.

Find out how to use your unconscious mind to:

  • Change Habits 

  • Interpret Dreams 

  • Overcome Phobias 

  • Relieve Stress 

  • Control Pain 

  • Improve Your Health 

  • Accomplish Goals 

  • Get Over The Past




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