You Can Get Over Divorce

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The 7-Step Program to Speed Your Healing So That You Can Get On with the Rest of Your Life  

Few events in life are more traumatic than divorce. Families are torn 
apart, lives are disrupted, and wounds linger long after the final papers 
are signed. The future that once appeared so bright now looms like a 
dark cloud. You wonder if you'll ever get over the hurt, the grief, the 
anger. You wonder if you can ever love again. 

You can. 

In You Can Get Over Divorce, Dr. Pat Hudson gives you her 
unique, seven-step program that has helped thousands of people just 
like you come to terms with divorce and get on with their lives. 
Developed in response to the painful—and public—breakup of her 
own marriage, Dr. Hudson's remarkable program actually speeds the 
healing process. You learn how to steer clear of the emotional traps 
posed by anger, shame, fear, and self-pity and create a new life for 
yourself. You learn how to get from despair to hope. You learn how to 
leave the past behind. 

Using stories of other people's journeys from pain to restoration and 
the insight gained from her own experience, Dr. Hudson leads you 
through each of her seven proven steps to getting over divorce: 

  • Acquire a sense of closure 
  • Rehabilitate your dreams of the future 
  • Create rituals to honor the change in your life 
  • Take a vacation from your problem 
  • Change the way you think about divorce 
  • Promote healing through positive action 
  • Discover the joy in giving of yourself
Whether suffering from the end of a marriage or the break-up of a 
long-term romance, you'll find the life-changing advice in this book to 
be invaluable.


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